How does it work?

BestGraduates Network 2020 is an exclusive Network in which only the best international students can enter. The following steps will determine whether you can participate and meet recruiters and other employees from top employers at 'WO Toptalent Event'. This might be the start of your career!

The BestGraduates Network is exclusively for international technical students studying at a Dutch university. Dutch students can participate in the Dutch version: BestGraduates.

Timeline: BestGraduates Network

Step 1: High Potential test

By taking the one-minute-online test we are able to determine whether you are a high potential or not. Everyone is allowed to make the test. The test focusses on study results and extra curricular activities during your studies. If you pass the test you can enter the BestGraduates Network and than you will receive an email in which you are requested to upload your resume and a copy of your university results.

Step 2: E-assessment

When we have received all the required documents, we will provide you with access to the online assessment. The assessment consists of three parts: abstract-analytical reasoning (spatial awareness), numerical understanding and linguistic reasoning. The results will only be presented  to the participating companies with your permission. The results are available from the first day of the 'WO Toptalent Event' where an expert from LTP will provide you with feedback. Your profile (resume, grade lists and results of the e-assessment) will be handed over to the participating companies. Based on this information, the companies can select their candidates for the one-on-one interviews.

Step 3: Meet Top employers on March 20 or 21 in 2020

After you successfully passed the previous steps, you will be invited for the 'WO Toptalent Event' on March 20 or 21 at RAI Amsterdam.  During one of these days we invite you for a challenging program. At the fair you can collect the results of your online capacity test, which are handed out by reputable assessment agency LTP. LTP can provide you with personalized feedback on your results. The most important element of this day are the individual interviews with the top employers: every BestGraduates Network company makes a selection of BestGraduates Network candidates who they like to invite for an one-on one interview. You will receive the invitation for the interview(s) from us on behalf of the companies at the beginning of April. The setting of each interview differs per company, the company decides whether the interview is to orientate or to select. Are you not invited for a personal interview? No worries! Each company gives away a few wildcards. There is a great chance of being invited for an interview during the event. Our advice: visit the stands of the BestGraduates Network top employers on March 20 & 21 to get that wildcard!

Step 4:  Inhouseday(s) (optional)

After the individual interviews on March 20 & 21, each company has the opportunity to organize an inhouseday or related event to invite their selection of candidates. Each company will select its own candidates. When you are selected, you have the chance to see how the company operates and to experience their business culture. You will meet employees and the CEO to get a proper idea of the culture.

During the course of the game we will keep you posted via our website, Facebook en twitter.

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