General terms

General Terms

Participation terms BestGraduates Network 2018.

  1. BestGraduates Network 2019 is a recruitment activity where students and companies meet.
  2. By completing the High Potential test fully and truthfully, the participant agrees to the general terms of BestGraduates Network 2019.
  3. Personal details, resume and results of the e-assessment are strictly confidential. Only the participating top employers of BestGraduates network 2019 will receive the data for the course of the game. Personal details of participants are never passed on to third parties without written permission. In addition, written permission will be requested from the candidate for  the transmission of the results of the e-assessment.
  4. We expect full cooperation in promotional activities for BestGraduates Network 2019.
  5. Registration of BestGraduates Network 2019 does not guarantee participation in the recruitment game.
  6. The information provided by the participant can and will be checked at all times during the game.
  7. By participating in BestGraduates Network 2019, you automatically give Memory Group permission to use your personal details for targeted mailings containing commercial messages of Memory Group of third parties regarding the field of employment.
  8. Among the people who signed up a High Potential, one prize of a €1.000,- will be raffled during 'De Nationale Carrièrebeurs'. Conditions to win are:
    1. The High Potential is willing, after we approached him/her, to participate in BestGraduates Network 2019.
    2. The High Potential is admitted to further participation in BestGraduates Network 2018, after the online High Potential test and checking of resume has been approved.

BestGraduates Network  top employers: