When does the registration of BestGraduates Network close?

Registration closes in March 2019.


What is the program of BestGraduates Network?

During your participation of BestGraduates Network you will be kept up-to-date via emails regarding the program of the game. An explanation of the game can be found here. You can also find information about the Network on Facebook and Twitter.


How much time will participation cost me?

The time spend differs how far you get in the game. Everyone who gets through the first selection round is invited to “De Nationale Carrièrebeurs” on April 5 or 6 2019. The game will cost you at least one day. Depending how well you perform you may be invited for one or more inhousedays by the participating companies. If you get selected by one of the companies for the finals it will cost you another day. All the days can be seen as investments for your future career. The days are interesting and a lot of fun to participate in.


What about the confidentiality of my data?

Your personal information, resume, transcripts and results of the e-assessment are strictly confidential. Only the participating employers will receive your information for the course of the game. Your data will never be passed to third parties without written permission. For transmission of  the result of your e-assessment, we will ask you written permission separately.



BestGraduates Network  top employers: